LONDON 2012: Opening Ceremony – Live on BBC One

Seven years after the announcement that the 2012 Olympic Games were to be held in London, the moment has finally arrived as the city hosts what promises to be a spectacular Opening Ceremony.

One billion people are expected to be watching worldwide as an 80,000 capacity crowd fills the purpose-built stadium in the East End for the official start of the 30th Olympiad.

The BBC will have build-up to this great occasion throughout the day across TV and radio, followed by live and uninterrupted coverage of the whole opening ceremony itself from 21:00 BST.

After seven years in the making, the countdown is finally over for London’s Olympic Games to begin with a breathtaking Opening Ceremony produced by Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle.

The chime of the largest harmonically tuned bell in Europe is the cue for the cast of 10,000 volunteers to take the stage in a pageant about a land recovering from its industrial legacy.

It promises country scenes, with families taking picnics, farmers tilling the soil and people playing sports on the village green, on a set featuring real farmyard animals and landmarks like Glastonbury Tor.

But you’ll have to watch to find out more, as further details are being kept strictly under wraps.

The panorama also includes two mosh-pits, representing the Glastonbury festival and the Last Night of the Proms, while the music – if recent reports are to be believed – is an eclectic selection ranging from the Beatles to the Monty Python theme tune.

The BBC is contributing several pieces of film that will be incorporated into Boyle’s Opening Ceremony, including footage of children’s choirs and a sequence made by the BBC drama department.

The production is followed by the athletes’ parade, in which more than 200 countries will be represented.

CLICK HERE for Parade of Nations running order & flag bearers

Multiple Olympic cycling gold medallist Sir Chris Hoy will carry the flag for Great Britain, having polled the most number of votes among the 542 members of Team GB.

Then, Her Majesty The Queen will carry out the speech to declare the London 2012 Olympic Games and the 30th Olympiad officially open.

Finally, the most eagerly anticipated moment of all – who will be the person to light London’s 2012 Olympic cauldron?

Having arrived from Greece on May 18, the Olympic flame has been carried around the UK for the past 69 days, with almost 8,000 bearers bringing the excitement of the Games to the thousands of well-wishers who turned out to greet them.

We will get to know the identity of the final torchbearer at approximately midnight, as honour of lighting the cauldron that will burn for the next 16 days of competition will finally be revealed.

Make sure you don’t miss a moment of a memorable night as the London 2012 Olympic Games are officially declared opened. Full details below:


Presenters: Sophie Raworth & Jane Hill
Programme following the final day of the Torch Relay along the Thames, and a look ahead to tonight’s opening ceremony
Presenter: Sophie Raworth
With four hours to go before the eyes of the world are focused on the East End of London, Sophie Raworth presents live coverage as excitement mounts in anticipation of the opening ceremony
Presenters: Sue Barker, Huw Edwards, Gary Lineker,
                 Jake Humphrey, Mishal Husain
This live programme follows the run-up to the ceremony, with BBC reporters capturing the atmosphere in the Olympic Park as crowds and dignitaries arrive to take their seats, and around the rest of the UK as people eagerly anticipate 16 days of sporting competition.
(Also on BBC One HD)
Commentators: Huw Edwards, Hazel Irvine & Trevor Nelson
Official Start: 9.00pm
Live and uninterrupted coverage of the opening ceremony, as the 30th Olympiad is officially declared open by the Queen.
(Also on BBC One HD)

Aside from BBC One’s live coverage of the event there are several other ways in which you can enjoy the Opening Ceremony to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Full details below:

8.50pm-12.30am OLYMPICS 2012: OPENING CEREMONY
Commentator: Paul Dickenson & Colin Jackson
Live coverage of the Opening Ceremony in 3D.
(3D-TV required)
8.50pm-12.40am OLYMPICS 2012: OPENING CEREMONY
No Commentary
Live coverage of the Opening Ceremony without commentary.
8.50pm-12.40am OLYMPICS 2012: OPENING CEREMONY
Commentary: Nick Mullins
Live coverage of the Opening Ceremony with audio-description commentary for the blind and partially sighted.
(Also available for Freeview viewers on BBC Red Button or channel 302)
Commentary: Huw Edwards, Hazel Irvine & Trevor Nelson
Simulcast of BBC One’s live coverage.
Commentators: Simon Reed & David Goldstrom
British Eurosport’s coverage of the opening to the London 2012 Olympic Games.
(Also on Eurosport HD)
Commentators: N/A
British Eurosport’s 3D coverage from the Olympic Stadium.
(3D-TV required)

3 Responses to LONDON 2012: Opening Ceremony – Live on BBC One

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why spoil a great opening ceremony about youth and the next generation with a non relevant geriatric!

  2. pete says:

    Watched Eurosport’s 3D coverage of the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Sky 3D.This was totally ruined by the inane commentary by Simon Reed & David Goldstrom.Instead of sticking to knowing when to keep there mouths shut they would woffle on and on and on like two children sat behind you in the cinema.
    Olympics Opening Ceremony8/10
    commentary 0/10

    • ArtyM says:

      I also watched the Sky Sports 3D coverage of the Opening Ceremony and thought it was wonderful. I have watched the BBC version too (not in 3D) and much prefer the Sky 3D version. The 15 minutes BEFORE the official start was absolutley wonderful. I want to see it again… please repeat those 15 minutes, Sky! The commentators were OK, and they did have some useful facts to add to my enjoyment. 10 out of 10. By the way, I love 3D, Passive 3D is the best… not Active 3D… brighter picture… better and cheaper glasses or clip-ons, ACTIVE is NOT better than PASSIVE!

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