7 Responses to RACING: New-look Channel 4 Racing launches on New Year’s Day

  1. bill says:

    Is their still going to be a 5 second delay to live !

  2. Laturb says:

    A sad end to a wonderful period when the ‘A’ team enthralled with their wit, guile and abundant knowledge.
    What a pity McGrath couldn’t control his pig’s backside grimace, on Morning Line, as the glorious and irreverent McCririck gave verbal encouragement to the delightful Nicky Henderson.
    Whether by design/and or simply bad judgement the racing public have been robbed of the sport’s most envied broadcasting teams this side of the stratosphere.
    Not sure what to expect from Balding and her team. A bit too PC I fear, but hope I’m wrong.

  3. Mrs Imogen Jolly says:

    I love channel 4 racing but am so sad to see the back of John Francome and Alistair Down. Also upset to see that the music has changed !

  4. tim edge says:

    i doubt it will be the same, i guess it will be a bit more ” proffesional” all singing all dancing tech no doubt,but what i liked about the old the old team was how informal it all seemed, funny, sometimes near the knuckle, but always informative and to the point, a great blend of people, of course i will give the new show ” a go” and hope they deliver what they promise, im looking forward to the new promised finishing line camera angles maybe this way the horse i back will win one..!!! thanks for the memories channel 4 team, tommo/greates jockey, you’re both legends and will be sadly missed.!.. they say things have to move on….why?… why fix it if it isnt broken?

  5. neil says:

    Channel 4 have again missed the point and now produce a program for other tv producers and not the public. What a cheesy program, how typical of IMG, another selfcongratulatory episode. Flashy music and odd graphics do not make for good emtertainment, they seem to be trying so hard with changes for their own sake. While most pundits gave the new format 7/10, they were already giving the old team the same score. Sorry but for me 1/10 and I will no longer be tuning in.

    • Mrs Imogen Jolly says:

      I find myself watching attheraces more and more and care less if i miss channel 4 racing. Miss the music most as this used to spark my excitement !

  6. Ron Callaghan says:

    CH4 has made a change for the worst. The Morning Line had characters a plenty, insight into the nitty gritty of racing, fun and the viewer very much at heart in the structure of the program. It’s all gone! Nick Luck looks like a man who is not really enjoying the new format (mannequin-style) and missing his old mates already, Poor Tanya looks like a lost soul and the BBC rejects bring nothing new to the party really. We’ve seen them all beore on BBC which was a vacuous, stiff and starchy presentation with a ragbag assortment of part-timers ( Wilshire, Parrot, Darley, and anyone else who happened to be hanging around). What on earth were CH4 thinking of? A disparate new crew with a changed presentation. Come back Francome….I’m missing the accent already. Thanks to Fat Al, Tommo , Cat, etc and my sincerest best wishes to you all.

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