DARTS: BDO Lakeside World Professional Championships 2013 – Live on BBC TV & ESPN

BBC Sport and ESPN will have comprehensive coverage of the 2013 BDO Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships from January 5-13.

Dutchman Christian Kist and Russia’s Anastasia Dobromyslova return to the famous Lakeside Country Club in Surrey to defend their titles against the best players from the BDO circuit.

For the second year running, both the BBC and ESPN will share live coverage of the nine-day tournament, culminating with the men’s final exclusively live on BBC Two on January 13.

Players from over thirty countries around the globe have competed for the right to be in the final field of 32 men and eight women for the 2013 championships.

Christian Kist was the surprise winner of last year’s tournament after claiming the BDO’s biggest prize as an unseeded qualifier, beating England’s Tony O’Shea in a thrilling final 7-5.

Remarkably the 25-year-old from Vroomshoop in the Netherlands was ranked 74th in the WDF rankings when he stepped onto the Lakeside stage, and had earned the right to be there by winning the International Play-offs only a couple of months earlier.

Kist epitomised the magic of the Lakeside tournament by arriving largely unknown and leaving with the famous trophy and a cheque for £100,000, becoming the 21st BDO world champion and the third Dutchman to collect the historic title.

The 2013 BDO World Championship marks the start of the 40th anniversary year of the British Darts Organisation, which was set up in 1973 by long-standing former chairman Olly Croft.

Stephen Bunting enters the 2013 event with the pressure of being the number one seed, having who won his first major title just a few months ago when he was crowned 2012 Winmau World Master.

Former World Master and Grand Slam of Darts champion Scott Waites is favourite with the bookmakers to win the title.

The oldest slinger at Lakeside will once again be three-times world champion Martin Adams, who at 56 years of age has not missed the BDO’s premier event since he made his debut in 1994.

Adams has won his three titles 2007, 2010 and 2011 and will set a new record for competing in the most BDO World Championship when he plays in his 20th consecutive Lakeside in 2013.

There will be a total of seven players making their Lakeside debuts in 2013, including Richie George, the 23-year-old son of darts legend and BBC co-presenter Bobby George.

The women’s tournament is also expected to be highly competitive as Anastasia Dobromyslova defends the title she won 12 months ago.

Dobromyslova won her first Lakeside Women’s World Championship in 2008 and made history as the first Russian to do so, ending the seven-year reign of England’s ‘Golden Girl’ Trina Gulliver in the process.

In 2012 she reclaimed her crown in typical high scoring style with a stunning 90 checkout, completed with a perfect bullseye, in the final against England’s Deta Hedman.

BBC Sport will screen extensive terrestrial coverage of the 2013 Lakeside World Professional Championship.

There will be exclusive live coverage of the afternoon sessions of the tournament over the opening weekend, including the first session of play on Saturday, January 5.

Then throughout the week, there will be extended afternoon highlights on BBC Two every afternoon at 1pm, plus late-night highlights of each evening session’s play on BBC Two, followed by Darts Extra.

On the concluding weekend of the tournament, the first semi-final will be broadcast live on BBC One on Saturday, January 12, then there will be exclusive live coverage of the World Final on Sunday, January 13, on BBC Two.

All the action will be supported by additional content and live streaming of each BBC One/BBC Two programme via the BBC Sport website.

On the eve of the tournament, the BDO and the BBC confirmed that the corporation will continue to screen terrestrial coverage of the World Championships until 2016.

ESPN will broadcast both evening sessions of the opening weekend of January 5-6, plus every weekday evening session from January 7-11 exclusively live.

Its coverage will also include the second semi-final exclusively live on Saturday, January 12, plus delayed coverage of the final on Sunday, January 13.

Additionally, ESPN will bring fans live coverage of the women’s final on Saturday, January 12th, plus selected coverage of earlier rounds.

This is in response to the criticism during last year’s Lakeside that ESPN neglected to cover the women’s tournament.

After a successful petition of more than 2,000 signatures, the BDO were pressured into letting the BBC screen the women’s final on the Red Button.

Once again the BBC’s coverage will be fronted by Colin Murray, who will be joined as ever by two-time World Championship runner-up Bobby George.

ESPN’s live coverage will again be led by Ray Stubbs, with Nat Coombs conducting interviews in the player’s bar.

Commentary for both broadcasters will come from Tony Green and Vassos Alexander, with Jim Proudfoot joining the commentary team for the first time in 2013, replacing David Croft.


Men’s Tournament Format

First Round – Best of 5 Sets
Second Round – Best of 7 Sets
Quarter-Finals – Best of 9 Sets
Semi-Finals – Best of 11 Sets
Final – Best of 13 Sets

Women’s Tournament Format

Quarter Finals / Semi Finals / Final – Best of 3 sets


Saturday 5th January
First Round
Afternoon Session
Martin Atkins (ENG, 11) 1-3 Jason Cullen (IRE)
Robbie Green (ENG, 5) 3-1 Christian Kist (NED)
Gary Robson (ENG, 10) 1-3 Garry Thompson (ENG)
Richie George (ENG, 15) 3-2 Dave Prins (ENG)
LIVE: 2.30pm-4.30pm – BBC One
LIVE: 4.30pm-5.30pm – BBC Two
Evening Session
Darryl Fitton (ENG, 16) 3-2 Benito van de PAS (NED)
Alan Norris (ENG, 9) 3-1 Wayne Warren (WAL)
Tony O’Shea (ENG, 4) 3-0 John Walton (ENG)
Deta Hedman (ENG, 1) 0-2 Lisa Ashton (ENG) – Women’s QF
LIVE: 6.30pm-10.00pm – ESPN
Highlights: 11.15pm-12.05am – BBC Two
Darts Extra: 12.05am-2.05am – BBC Two
Sunday 6th January
Afternoon Session
Stephen Bunting (ENG, 1) 3-2 James Wilson (ENG)
Steve Douglas (ENG, 13) 3-1 Gary Stone (SCO)
Martin Adams (ENG, 2) 2-3 Jimmy Hendriks (NED)
Scott Mitchell (ENG, 12) 3-2 Mark Barilli (SCO)
LIVE: 12.55pm-4.45pm – BBC Two
Evening Session
Irina Armstrong (GER, 4) 1-2 Sharon Prins (NED) – Women’s QF
Jan Dekker (NED, 7) 3-2 Jeffrey de Graaf (NED)
A. Dobromyslova (RUS, 2) 2-0 Lorraine Farlam (ENG) – Women’s QF
Wesley Harms (NED, 8) 3-1 Rune David (NOR)
LIVE: 6.30pm-10.00pm – ESPN
Highlights: 11.00pm-11.50pm – BBC Two
Darts Extra: 11.50pm-1.50am – BBC Two
Monday 7th January
Weekend Review: 1.00pm-4.15pm – BBC Two
Evening Session
Julie Gore (WAL, 3) 0-2 Trina Gulliver (ENG) – Women’s QF
Geert de Vos (BEL, 14) 3-2 Tony Eccles (ENG)
Ross Montgomery (SCO, 6) 1-3 Paul Jennings (ENG)
Scott Waites (ENG, 3) 3-0 Willy van de Wiel (NED)
LIVE: 5.30pm-9.55pm – ESPN Classic
Highlights: 11.20pm-12.10pm – BBC Two
Darts Extra: 1.10am-3.10am – BBC Two
Tuesday 8th January
Day 3 Review: 1.00pm-4.15pm – BBC Two
Second Round
Evening Session
Scott Mitchell (ENG, 12) 1-4 Robbie Green (ENG, 5)
Darryl Fitton (ENG, 16) 2-4 Stephen Bunting (ENG, 1)
Alan Norris (ENG, 9) 3-4 Wesley Harms (NED, 8)
Steve Douglas (ENG, 13) 1-4 Tony O’Shea (ENG, 4)
LIVE: 6.30pm-10.00pm – ESPN
Highlights: 11.20pm-12.10am – BBC Two
Darts Extra: 12.10am-2.10am – BBC Two
Wednesday 9th January
Day 4 Review: 1.00pm-4.15pm – BBC Two
Evening Session
Garry Thompson (ENG) 3-4 Jan Dekker (NED, 7)
Jason Cullen (IRE) 0-4 Paul Jennings (ENG)
Geert de Vos (BEL, 14) 1-4 Scott Waites (ENG, 3)
Richie George (ENG, 15) 4-2 Jimmy Hendriks (ENG)
LIVE: 6.30pm-10.00pm – ESPN
Highlights: 11.20pm-12.10am – BBC Two
Darts Extra: 12.10am-2.10am – BBC Two
Thursday 10th January
Day 5 Review: 1.00pm-4.15pm – BBC Two
Quarter Finals
Evening Session
Sharon Prins (NED, 3) 0-2 Lisa Ashton (ENG) – Women’s SF
Darryl Fitton (ENG, 16) 2-5 Wesley Harms (NED, 8)
Robbie Green (ENG, 5) 3-5 Tony O’Shea (ENG, 4)
LIVE: 6.30pm-10.00pm – ESPN
Highlights: 11.20pm-12.10am – BBC Two
Darts Extra: 12.10am-2.10am – BBC Two
Friday 11th January
Day 6 Review: 1.00pm-4.15pm – BBC Two
Evening Session
Trina Gulliver (ENG) 1-2 Anastasia Dobromyslova (RUS, 1) – Women’s SF
Richie George (ENG, 15) 5-4 Jan Dekker (NED, 7)
Paul Jennings (ENG) 2-5 Scott Waites (ENG, 3)
LIVE: 6.30pm-10.00pm – ESPN
Highlights: 11.50pm-12.40am – BBC Two
Darts Extra: 12.40am-2.40am – BBC Two
Saturday 12th January
Afternoon Session
1st Men’s Semi Final
Richie George (ENG, 15) v Scott Waites (ENG, 3)
LIVE: 2.30pm-4.30pm – BBC One
Evening Session
– BDO Women’s World Championship 2013 Final
Lisa Ashton (ENG) v Anastasia Dobromyslova (RUS, 1)
2nd Men’s Semi Final
Wesley Harms (NED, 8) v Tony O’Shea (ENG, 4)
LIVE: 5.00pm-8.30pm – ESPN
Highlights: 11.25pm-12.15am – BBC Two
Sunday 13th January
BDO Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship 2013 Final
LIVE: 5.45pm-8.00pm – BBC Two
DELAYED: 10.30pm-12.30am – ESPN

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  1. Alonzo says:

    I have had to pay £16.00 extra to get ESPN so that I can watch all the matches. Whoever decided that the BBC could show highlights at a ridiculous time don’t seem to realise that some of us have to get up for work in the morning. Why can’t the BBC get the exclusive coverage that they had in the past?

  2. Craig Byrom says:

    DISGUSTING COVERAGE BY THE BBC , ITV4 HAD A BETTER COVERAGE AND AT LEAst it was live and could follow , ive missed half if not more due to money grabbing tv stations , ggggrrrrrrrr

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